HitFilm Express video editor free download

HitFilm Express is a great professional video editor that you can download for free.

HitFilm Express gives you a very powerful and professional video editor in your hands and it will be download for free and for life!

At the very first look HitFilm Express can be hard to understand for its professional interface and features. But don’t worry, you only need few minutes to get familiarity and start to create amazing video.

HitFilm Express video editor for free

With this powerful video editor, you will have nice multitrack video managemente and also mutitrack audio. You can apply multiple types of effects and transitions. Use color corrections and more to make your videos more film-look.

HitFilm Express video editor has a great point on his side. It’s expandable for cover all your needs in case the big features in the free version aren’t enough. 360° videos, 3D support, color correction packs, audio toolkit pack. There are a lot of package to buy with a very low price. And you pay only what you need!

But what has HitFilm Express free?

  • Combined timelines.
  • Personalizable workstation.
  • Mask editing and rendering.
  • Export queue.
  • Professional format support.
  • Animation tools.
  • Composite shot enhancements.
  • Audio mixer.
  • Transitions.
  • and much more….

Try HitFilm Express for free as your new video editor.